BPACC was officially opened on Friday 12 November 2004 by the Minister for Education and Training, the Honourable Lynne Kosky MP.

Since that time, BPACC has become a pillar of entertainment and events in the community. It has been host to conferences, concerts, graduations, comedy events, theatre productions, workshops and more.

Why isn't the film I want to see screening at BPACC?

We aim to have a variety of films screening at Benalla Cinema at BPACC. Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to screen every movie released. If you have feedback about the types of movies we screen, or would like to suggest a movie, please let us know. We appreciate your understanding that we can’t fulfill all requests.

Why does the Benalla Cinema at BPACC get films later than other cinemas?

We have a single cinema screen and host a variety of live shows and conferences. Sometimes, this means we can’t fulfill the contractual requirements for showing a new release film during its opening weeks.

We do our best to have a range of films screening as close to their national release as possible at Benalla Cinema at BPACC. We appreciate your patience when waiting for new release films.

Why did the 'Coming Soon' list change?

We advertise movies as far in advance to allow patrons time to plan what they want to see. Availability and release dates can change at short notice so the ‘coming soon’ list is subject to change at any time.

What does NFT (No Free Tickets) mean?

No free tickets is a restriction placed by film distribution company on some new release movies. It means you can’t watch the film on a complimentary coupon or free pass until the restriction is lifted. Gift vouchers and movie money can still be used on films marked NFT.

Are prams or walking frames allowed in the auditorium?

Unfortunately, prams and walking frames aren’t permitted into the auditorium/cinema due to public safety and fire regulations. If you have a pram or a walking frame, we’re happy to do our best to look out for it on your behalf, but we can’t make guarantees or accept liability for unattended prams or walking frames.

Do you have an appliance for me to heat my baby's bottle?

Sorry, we can’t provide patrons usage of appliances suitable for heating baby bottles.

We’re required by law to make sure that people under 12 years of age are with a responsible person. If a person is younger than 12 years old or seems to be younger than 12, we’ll look for that responsible person.

For more information about this download the policy – Unattended Children at Council facilities

Did you know that the Australian screen industry contributes an estimated $5.3 billion per year to the Australian economy? This represents 50,000 Australian jobs in the film and television industries. A study by the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) demonstrated that film piracy costs the film industry $1.37 billion per year – that’s more than 6,000 jobs.

The best way you can help is by avoiding pirates and pirated products. If you want to keep seeing great content that you love, you need to pay. The film industry relies on its ability to charge for the distribution of their content. The legal right for this belongs to the person who owns the copyright. Remember – if it’s not yours to share, don’t exploit the work of others.


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IP Awareness Foundation – www.ipawareness.com.au
Australian Copyright Council – www.copyright.org.au
Attorney-General’s Department – www.ag.gov.au
Australasian Legal Information Institute – www.austlii.edu.au
Screenrights – www.screenrights.org
Price of Privacy – www.thepriceofpiracy.org.au

Every film and computer game has to be classified before it can be legally made available to the public. Some publications also need to be classified. There are limited exceptions to this rule. The Classification Board provides a rating and also decides what consumer advice should be provided with each classification. Consumer advice is designed to let consumers know which classifiable elements (for example violence, sex, coarse language, themes, drug use and/or nudity) have led to the classification decision. Consumer advice helps you make an informed choice about the material you, or those in your care, choose to read, view or play.

G, PG & M are advisory ratings and we encourage parents and patrons to use these ratings to make informed decisions. Entry for these classifications are not legally restricted by age. MA15+ is a legally restricted rating, and patrons under 15 cannot attend unless under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian who is exercising “parental control”. An older sibling or friend would not satisfy this requirement, whereas a grandparent, aunt or uncle may. R18+ is also legally restricted, people aged under 18 cannot be admitted to an R18+ film, even if under supervision.

If you would like to know more about the classification system, visit the Australian classification guidelines.